For each of us, regardless of our age, the acceptance of our parents and significant others in our life is incredibly important. Many people spend a lifetime searching for something the Bible calls, The Blessing.

The Blessing is a “life or death” choice someone significant makes to “add high value” to someone else. (Deut. 30:19). With our friends, spouse, children, even those we work with or meet throughout our daily life, we are either “choosing” to “bless” (add) or “curse” (subtract) these people

There were 5 “elements” of The Blessing we can learn to give and live! And when we do bless others, picture a door closed, that someone has longed all their lives to open. The Blessing – your Blessing powered by God’s Blessing – is a way to open that door of acceptance and unconditional love for someone that can be literally life-changing and healing for them!

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